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    How it Works

  1. Select your meals online

    Select the nutritious meal packs (below) or create your own that your baby will enjoy through our online store. Orders must be put in by Thursday at 5pm for delivery on Sunday or by Sunday at 5pm for delivery on Wednesday. (Minimum 10 Pack Order for Custom Orders)

    • We make your babies meals!

      We immediately get to work preparing your babies meals to ensure freshness. Each pack is made-to-order to ensure optimum freshness and premium nutritional quality.

      • We deliver the food to your door!

        We will send a confirmation email with the approximate time of delivery on your chosen day based on your desired time. Our delivery service will then bring the food freshly-made and frozen to your door for your baby to enjoy!

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      1. 5-Meal Pack

        The 5-Meal Pack allows your Baby to try different flavours and get an idea of which ones they enjoy the most before ordering more!

        • Great way to try out Baby Munchiez for the first time!
        • Allows you to try multiple flavours for a low cost!


      2. 10-Meal Pack

        The 10-Meal Pack allows you to take advantage of lower prices! A great option who wants freshly made food every week!

        • Savings of $5.00 by ordering 10 Packs
        • Great way to get freshly-made Packs every week!


      3. 20-Meal Pack

        The 20-Meal Pack allows you to take advantage of free delivery and bigger savings!

        • Savings of $15.00 by ordering 20 Packs
        • Great way to stock up on food!



      Freshly Made When You Order

      We make your Baby Food when you order it! This means that you will receive the freshest food possible! No more wondering how long your food has been sitting on a shelf.

      Local BC Organic Ingredients

      Our ingredients come from some of BC’s best growers. By choosing local ingredients, you support local food systems and receive fresher foods!

      Locked in Freshness

      Each pack is frozen to lock in nutrients. Frozen produce retains nutrients much better than shelf-stored produce. This means the nutritional value of our food is unbeatable.

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